Data centers may look very similar on paper or even in person, but when you dig deeper than the power and ping, they’re really quite different. You’ll hear great things from the sales team, but the heating and cooling systems might be inefficient, the IT staff may be inexperienced or poorly trained and the connectivity could be subpar. None of these situations are acceptable for a building that’s storing your company’s mission-critical data.

Finally, put your mind at ease about your business data. We’ve scoured the market to find the world’s premier colocation providers, such as Centurylink, NTT and Zayo, to build storage solutions that will keep your data secure, strategically located and globally connected — all at competitive prices. We only partner with colocation providers that offer the latest technology and the highest levels of reliability and service.Our colocation solutions complement the rest of our portfolio, so that your broader IP transit is as efficient, flexible and cost-effective as possible. Check out a few of our colocation providers below, and imagine how a customized and fully managed IT solution could save you time and money.

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