IPv4 & IPv6

As the world collectively moves from 32 (IPv4) to 128 (IPv6) bits, the Internet Protocol space has become quite tricky to navigate. IPv6 delivers not only an unfathomable amount of new IP addresses (turns out, 4.3 billion is not nearly enough in age of smartphones and IoT!), but it also offers more efficient performance and better security. However, a switch this massive certainly can’t be accomplished instantly.

Though IPv6 has been around for more than 22 years, it only just reached 10 percent adoption globally in December 2015. Many carriers, such as T-Mobile and Verizon, now have the majority of their network traffic running over IPv6, but enterprises have not deployed the new technology at the same rate. Since we have not yet surpassed even 50% deployment of IPv6, many businesses worldwide are still adhering to IPv4; some are selling off their IPv4 addresses to make way for the new standard.

SD Fiber Tech is here to help with all of it, from IPv4 buying, selling, leasing and transfers to the transition to IPv6. We provide comprehensive solutions to help you acquire or sell your IPv4 address space fast. SD Fiber Tech also provides transfer services within the RIPE, APNIC and ARIN regions, as well as hosted VM solutions with unlimited IP rotations. SD Fiber Tech is powered by the same team behind IPv4 Depot, so rest assured that we have the expertise and connections to solve your company’s Internet Protocol challenges.

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